Toaster Oven Buying Guide

Help buying a toaster ovenA toaster oven is an extremely useful small appliance to have in the kitchen.  There are several ways that using one of these to cook, bake, toast, roast, or broil can save you time and money while taking out some of the hassle of making a homemade meal.  Shopping for a new countertop oven can seem like a daunting task at first with so many options available, but finding the ideal toaster oven for your kitchen is not as hard as it may seem.  The rankings for the best toaster oven are out and they are an informative starting point for those looking to find the right option for their kitchen. This is the path to take for a better more convenient cooking experience.

We decided to write a little guide to help you narrow down your choices and find the right model that fits your needs.  There are several factors to look for and knowing what you hope to get out of your oven will help you save money and get something that you are extremely satisfied using on a regular basis.

What Do You Plan To Cook?

This is probably the most important thing to figure out before you make a big purchase.  If you envision yourself just making some toast now and again or heating up some frozen pizzas then you are not going to have to spend a lot of money on an oven with features that you will never use.  Conversely, if you wish to bake cookies, or make casseroles, broil meat, or cook whole chickens, then you are going to need something that is more full featured and has the size to accommodate your demands.

Size and Capacity

This almost goes hand in hand with the type of food that you wish to prepare.  If you wish to exercise your chef skills and cook hearty and healthy meals for your entire family then you are going to need something with the size to handle larger dishes.  If you are a single person or you just want something to handle basic cooking chores then you may be able to get away with something a little smaller and cost effective.

Features and Settings

For those that want something to replace their full sized oven, getting a machine with various cooking features and settings will be more beneficial.  Numerous high end toaster ovens have presets designed for cooking, baking, reheating, toasting, broiling, roasting, and so on.  To get the absolute most out of your countertop oven it is a good idea to know exactly what it can deliver.  It is also smart to read through the customer reviews of the oven and see how well it actually performs on these different settings and what are its strengths and weaknesses.  Some ovens will excel at broiling while coming up short at roasting for example.

Controls and Displays

This is often an overlooked aspect of finding the right toaster oven, but how easy it is to navigate the toaster ovens control panel is just as important.  Are the controls intuitive?  Is the display easy to read and understand?  The better rated countertop ovens all share controls that are simple to use.  This will make using the oven more enjoyable for the entire family.  No one likes to study a manual in order to be able to cook something.


This is understandably an extremely crucial aspect of every appliance and it is usually tied to some of the aspects above.  The more you plan to use your oven for regular cooking tasks and the more features that you need, the more expensive it will be.  A larger toaster oven with all the bells and whistles that has convection cooking functionality and will deliver perfectly cooked meals for your family is going to cost you a lot more than a simple oven that is great for making toast or popcorn.  Knowing exactly what you desire out of a new countertop oven can help you zero in on a price range that fits into your budget.


Knowing if the toaster oven you are interested in comes with various pans, racks, or pizza stones is another thing to keep in mind while shopping,  If you have to purchase these items separately then you have to account for that in the overall price.  Also, the quality of the included accessories should also be factored in.  Some ovens may come with pans, for instance, but their quality might be sub par and you may wish to be a higher quality replacement.  Checking the customer reviews should be able to shed some light on this subject.

These are just a few of the more important aspects of a toaster oven that you should consider before taking the plunge and buying one.  With a little research you should be able to find a toaster oven that will be the shining star of your kitchen counter.  If you have never considered getting one of these then you do not know what you are missing as they can be a terrific way to cook healthy and delicious meals for your family with less effort.  Finding the right toaster oven for your home can be a rather straightforward process as long as you know exactly what you are looking for.

Top Jogging Stroller Options For Active Parents

Top jogging strollers 2016Jogging is a time tested method for getting back into shape after giving birth. For those active moms (and dads) who find the time to take care of their bodies as well as their kids, getting a jogging stroller is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You also get the added aerobic benefit of pushing your young one around, which can enhance your workout by 20% or more. The kids love it because they get to go on an outside joy ride. So it really is a win-win for everyone involved.

Luckily, there are several quality options available in 2019 for those looking for a new stroller. Big wheels that swivel, comfy and cool materials, and advanced safety features ensure that both runner and rider will enjoy the entire experience.

Below are some of the top models being sold which have the highest owner ratings.  They consistently rank highest in current jogging stroller reviews for user satisfaction and are the top running strollers that we recommend for parents looking to exercise with their children.

BOB Revolution SE

This is a safe pick as it is one of the best selling and best rated jogging stroller on the market. This unit has an extremely solid track record with parents over the years and it continues to be a very worth pick for anyone in the market for a new stroller. Lightweight, durable, easy to guide, and plenty of storage usually have this as one of the top 10 jogging strollers that you can buy. It is great for runners who do not want to worry about the safety or comfort of their children.

For years BOB has made some of the most popular running strollers, and for good reason.  This particular model has participated in many a marathon as it provides and exceptional ride for kids over long distances.  For serious runners this stroller is a superb option.

BOB jogger

Baby Jogger X3 Summit

For parents that like to go off-roading, this is a terrific option. Great suspension and big wheels make this a serious contender for anyone looking to take their jogging stroller outside of the city and off the beaten path. Very durable and easy to clean materials as well.

The X3 has the look and feel of something that can tackle extremely tough terrain.  The most striking feature of this stroller are the huge wheels with durable tread that can handle rough paths and glide over rocks and uneven land.

Graco Fast Action Jogger

For those that need something that is easy to fold and get out of the car then this is a great option. Simple design along with versatility make this a hit with parents. Very easy to move in and out of the car and store away during the winter months. This jogging stroller gets high marks from parents of small cars as well. It provides a safe and comfy ride for kids.

This is a great hassle-free stroller that is perfect for parents who do not like to fuss with their child’s equipment.  This is also very popular with owners who give it excellent scores for usability and durability.

Get Out and Jog

Running has always been a quick way to get a healthy workout. Having children does not mean you have to stop exercising, you can now take them with you.  Involving your kids can also be quite a motivating factor as well. Finding the right equipment can go a long way to providing a family activity that everyone can benefit from and enjoy. Strollers can be a significant investment, especially those designed to be used a faster pace, but the positive impact that they can provide can definitely make it worth it.

What To Expect When Going Looking For A New Child Seat

For new and young parents, getting a child seat can be a burden. There are a lot of choices and not all of them are exactly cheap. This is where some guidance can really be useful. We have bought numerous different models over the years, not just for our children, but for our grandchildren as well. We understand the frustration of trying to find just the right option. So hopefully, if you are struggling making a decision or just want to know more about how to avoid some of the more common mistakes, our guide is for you.

Buying The Right Seat For Your Family

Below is what you should worry about when looking for a new seat and the most important factors when choosing.

Price – This is something that a lot of people fret over. They think if they get a budget model that it will be less safe. Odds are that this is not something that you should be stressing over. All car seats must meet certain safety standard so any seat that you see offered by a reputable store is sure to safe. They all are tested and must measure up to certain standards. The key here is to get something from a store that you can trust. There are several brand names that are known for making affordable options for parents. Names like Evenflo and Graco are two that you can count on even if you are not paying a lot.

Buy New – Getting a used seat is something that should always be avoided. Seats have expiration dates and you don’t know if you are purchasing a seat that has already been in an accident. Even if it looks okay you are still rolling the dice and the safety of your child is not worth the gamble just to save a few bucks.

Customer Reviews – The best place to learn about different seats to read all of the feedback from online stores from parents. If you want to find the perfect convertible car seat then reading all the different reviews from parents who have experience with that model is a wise place to begin. You can learn different things that can be extremely valuable when making the final decision. How easy a seat is to install, how comfortable it is for children, how heavy it is, and how simple is it to clean and maintain are just some of the things you should know about any seat before buying. This is an excellent resource for diligent shoppers.

After You Get Your Seat

So you have found the perfect infant or convertible child seat, now what? Using a seat properly is the next thing that you should master since this piece of equipment is going to part of your daily lives for the next few years.

Installation – Making sure the seat is secure and installed correctly is perhaps the most important thing you need to know before driving down the road. An improper installation can be just as dangerous as not using a seat. Read the manual, watch the videos, and have your seat inspected are the best three things you should do when you get that seat unboxed. If you get a brand name seat from the likes of Graco, Evenflo, Britax, Chicco, and Diono then there should be plenty of documentation online to help you get started. Some fire stations will also inspect the seat for you and help you out. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a certified child seat technician nearby then this would be the way to go. They can guide you step by step and make sure you know what you are doing and feel comfortable using the seat.

Straps – Just as important as making sure the seat is secured to your vehicle in the right manner, the straps on the safety harness must also be in the correct position to avoid injury. Too loose, too high, or too low can all cause problems. This is something that a technician can help you out with as well.

Relax, It Gets Easier

Its natural to feel somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to having kids. You will be surprised with what exactly you can handle. Buying a new safety seat for newborn does not have to be an area of stress once you know what to look for. You will find something affordable that is just right for your needs and most importantly, you find a seat that is going to protect your child. Now exhale and get to it.