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April 16, 2008

"So why no posts, Bob?"

My apologies. Between death-marching on Project X and various consulting engagements, my blog writing here has suffered. Never fear, I've been busy lining up more good guest posts on subjects near and dear to microISVer's hearts.

Speaking of consulting, I have to say that the spiritual food that's keeping me going (not to be confused with Soylent Green - ok, sick joke.) has been testimonials like these:

"On a lark, I reached out to Bob to take advantage of his consulting services. While we'd invested a ton of time thinking about how we built and marketed our product, I figured that getting a sharp outside perspective with Bob's background could be useful.

In the span of an hour and a half conversation, Bob suggested several "slap-ourselves-on-the-head-why-didn't-we-think-of-that" ideas that have dramatically changed the way we talk about our business. In addition, he suggested a brilliant way to monetize our business that had never occurred to us before. Never underestimate your ability to be so close to your own business that you can't see the right path.

If you have a chance to work with Bob Walsh for a few hours, take it!"

-Tony Wright, founder of RescueTime


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I've been evaluating MasterList Pro and see a whole lot of potential but see no development or support, even the web pages don't go anyplace.

Do you plan to supper MLP or is it dead as it is.

What's the word on supporting Masterlist Professional? No updates in two years seems to indicate it's static. Please advise. I'm considering using it in a new job but would like support if I buy it. Thanks.

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