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August 2007

August 30, 2007

A small, tiny favor to ask: vote for me.

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You may have heard about the upcoming Business of Software Conference (10/29-30, San Jose, CA), and my first (extremely, horribly bad) video effort to win through your votes a speaking slot there.

It was so bad it would have been banned by the Geneva Conventions (assuming we still follow them). So bad, I asked Neil Davidson if I could replace it with a new effort. Neil was kind enough to let me take the old video behind the digital woodshed and send it to a better, happier place and put up my new video, which I did yesterday.

The new video combines cutting edge images - supplied by other people - with little tiny words that work on television with a new plan of what I can talk about during my 18 minutes of fame: how to write a blogging plan for your software company or product.

In the process of retiring my first video effort, my score (fairly) got reset to zero, zip, zilch. And because it took me a month to get up the guts to point a camera at myself again, there's only a few short days before voting closes.

So here's the small favor I'd like to ask you:

Go to http://www.businessofsoftware.org/softwareidol.aspx, find my video, click the rightmost star under it and vote for me. You might even want to spend two minutes watching it - others braver than me say it's actually quite good.

After the conference I'll post my presentation here as a series of major posts with more detail and the presentation itself if I can at YouTube.

I hate to ask for favors, but I'd really appreciate it if you could take a minute and vote for me now.


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