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May 15, 2007

Time for a hiatus.

A few days ago I got Seth Godin's latest book, The Dip - it's all about knowing which things you have to push through to completion to make a difference and learning how to quit those things that need to go, or go on hold, so you can concentrate on the key few things you really, really need to do.

It's time to put this blog on hold. I need for the next several months to concentrate on a new project of mine and that means, regretfully, pushing the pause button on this blog.

It's not easy doing this - I started this blog several years ago and it's hard letting go, even if I plan to come back. But if I want to get through Godin's Dip on a major project of mine, it's the right thing to do.

Thanks again to all the people over the years who've commented or emailed me about my posts here. And rest assured, you'll still find me very actively blogging at http://mymicroisv.com and less so at http://clearblogging.com, plus a post a week at http://lifehack.org.

Please reserve a tiny corner of your RSS reader for ToDoOrElse.com - if things go something like according to plan, expect to see this blog restart around Fall '07.


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Best of luck!

Wishing you all the best Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing the Next Big Thing(TM) from you in a few months time. :)

I've enjoyed your blog over the years and it's helped me get my productivity to a higher level. I'd like to thank you for the time and effort you have put into it.
I think the essence of GTD is to be fully aware of your commitments and to renegotiate them as needed - it seems like you are doing that now. All the best in your new project.

Sounds familiar. I'm in the process of reorienting my goals and how I want to spend my life time. I've abandoned a political blog and have just started to blog about learning Ruby on Rails. RoR is really the first time I'm trying to deep dive into learning programming and web app development.

As part of the change, I'll be dropping off of the boards of a couple nonprofit organizations. Maybe I'll gravitate toward a softeware-oriented community group.

Good luck with your project.

It always seems you have to give up something to get something else done. I hope your future project is successful, and I have to say that ToDoOrElse is definitely one of the coolest titles for a blog.

If this means your going to focus on the next version of MasterList Pro, then it is good news :)

Best of luck, Bob! I think I'm going to buy that book because you mentioned it. :)

good luck to you with it!

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