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August 15, 2006

David Allen launches GTD Connect

David Allen has just unveiled his new retail online coaching/forum site called GTD Connect. This is a "soft launch" -- you won't find mention of GTD Connect on David Allen's website home page yet. GTD believers have been waiting years for David to create GTD Connect to fill the gap between his seminars and presentations and his books. GTD Connect membership costs $48 a month.

Being a strong believer in all things GTD, I immediately signed up. Here my first impressions:

  1. GTP Connect is an impressive online site from an IT point of view.
  2. There are dozen member-only forums covering everything from checklists to share to member tips and tricks to finding and connecting to other GTD practitioners.
  3. Several excellent GTD tools are embedded in the site. Such as the Intention Journal which lets you select from a wide range of different GTD items to create e-mail reminders to yourself. What makes the Intention Journal much more exciting than just an e-mail reminder service is two things. First, there is extensive guidance from David Allen on each of many different types and of intention you can create. Second, your entries in the Intention Journal while private help you make explicit and take action on what you're trying to do with your life.
  4. The Weekly Review Reminder. One of the hardest and most important things to do to make GTD work is your weekly review. GTD Connect will send you not just a reminder on the day you choose but helpful tips and techniques on completing your weekly review.
  5. Extensive member-only content. From the video and audio repurposed from David's many seminars, to the quarterly newsletter, to a what David is calling his UpClose articles, to his iPod-friendly podcasts, to his over 3,000 quotations gathered over 15 years, GTD Connect has an immense amount of content heretofore not available.
  6. Teleseminars. Allen will be doing GTD connect only teleseminars in the near future; I'm looking forward to seeing what this turns out to be.
  7. Specials and discounts. David has been getting into the retail business with a growing variety of GTD- related products. According to the excellent video intro to GTD connect, members will be getting a 10% discount and specials not available to the general public.
  8. While GTD connect is impressive, expect to jump through some hoops when you sign up to integrate whatever participation you had so far in the GTD forums.

Is GTD Connect worth $48 a month? Time will tell. But at this point if you are serious about finding an overall methodology to improve your productivity and reduce your stress, or if you've been trying to make GTD work for you and you need more then David's books but can't afford one of David's seminars, GTD connect looks like an excellent deal. I'll keep you posted here as I work with, through and in GTD Connect.




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Nothing better a 48$ fee can do than you own paper and pencil.

What a joke? $48 per month - every month - times how many people? I wonder what the actual fixed costs are for this... they've got to be making money hand-over-fist if that lame 2 minute timer is any indication. At first, I thought that product would be cool: an actual timer that I could put on my desk. But to my dismay, it's a stupid little flash file. Hmm. If you have to pay $48 per month to be productive, I think maybe your focusing too much on GTD and not enough time on getting things done. Just my .02 from this perspective.

Many thanks Sharon! I fear I must have missed that part!


I signed up yesterday on the basis that you can cancel at anytime. I am impressed so far.

Quote from the site "Please note this is a monthly subscription program, and you will be billed once each month on the date of your original purchase. Staying engaged over the long term is the most effective way to optimize your GTD learning. You may cancel your membership at any time."


$48 membership cost is rather high (it is $576/year).

This sounds really fascinating! A great review!

Memberships cost $48 a month, but what is the minimun length of commitment one is making? Can on opt out after only one month or only after 12 months? I have not been able to assert this when checking out the DAC website.

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