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May 24, 2006

Blogging from Word 12, beta2

If you are reading this post every blog posting application including my favorite, BlogJet, is in trouble. That’s because I’m writing it in Microsoft Word 12, beta2 and just clicking the nice Publish button.



  • No more crappy TypePad editor!
  • Simplification of my life.
  • Supports posting to different blogs.


  • Too new for much info on how to post to a WordPress blog,
  • Categories are unsupported if posting to TypePad.
  • Posting embedded images directly to TypePad does not work.
  • All the good social bookmarking, technorati tags will need to be added (Or will it? – Investigate this!)

Office 12 Beta2 is freely downloadable from Microsoft. It's far from perfect – it's a beta! But the long and short of it is being able to blog from Word is simply awesome.

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I'm still bitter that WP's XML-RPC doesn't support the MT-Keywords field. I'm just about to hire someone on Rentacoder to fix it just so I can use a desktop client easier.

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