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October 21, 2005

"Can you see better with 1 or 2?"

Several people I've talked to or emailed about squidoo have basically said to me, "So what? What's the big deal? It's just another link aggregator wiki page thing." Nope.

Squidoo - if they can pull it off - is about the story, and experience, and judgment that goes into picking those links and other bits and putting it together in a way you get the knowledge you want, not just more data.

If you wear glasses or contacts, you've sat in the chair in the darkened room and with the big hunking metal thing pressed to your nose while your optometrist swaps lenses in and out. "Can you see better with number 1 or 2?"

What Squidoo is a web based big hunking metal thing to hold different lenses you can flip through in a blink of an eye until you find the one that suits your needs of the moment best. The lense with the sharpest focus, no scratches or pockmarks, no weird distortions.

What you are looking at, what you want to be able to see clearly, is the whole dang Internet and by extension the whole world.

Want more? See Seth Godin's latest squidoo blog post at: http://www.squidoo.com/blog/


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