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March 21, 2005

Stress and your Current List

Here's a point to consider: The more stressed you are, the shorter - not longer - your Current List should be.

I know, this feels wrong somehow. My ingrained tendency too is to try and get everything done as soon as possible, if not sooner. So I start putting tasks on my Current list, jumping from project to project until it sinks in that 1) there is No Way to get all of this done in a day, and 2) the overhead of moving between so many projects is going to eat up my day.

Given 43 projects and 289 things I've got to do, I narrowing my Current list for tomorrow to just 9 tasks that should take about 5 hours in two projects. I can look at that list and feel relief washing through me: hey, no sweat! I can do this!

I don't know what I will do with the rest of tomorrow yet. But I don't need to know either. I'm just looking forward to crossing off the last thing and enjoying a clear Current List tomorrow. A good way to go to sleep.

March 16, 2005

Where we are recap

A quick recap of where MLP is and where its going:

1. Current Version is 1.05. With version 1.04, I've moved MLP to a new installer and if you are now using MLP 1.03 or earlier, you should definitely update to the current version. The new installer reduced the full download from 23 MG to 15 MG, and has a spiffy AutoUpdate feature which means your copy of MLP will always be up to date. Expect a new update every 2-4 weeks with a mix of new features and bug fixes.

2. Our new discussion forum is up and running at http://safarihelp.com. Its based on FogBugz 4.0's excellent discussion/bug tracking software. Please post what you want fixed, changed or enhanced in MLP there.

3. Send me your marketing ideas! I'm ramping up our marketing now, and I'd greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.

4. This blog: I plan to refocus this blog on two main themes: the best ways to get the most out of MLP and what works and doesn't work in making our micro-ISV (Independent Software Vendor) successful. There will always be room for the odd off-topic item, but I want to pay for your time reading this blog with useful MLP information and micro-ISV best practices.

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