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November 29, 2004

The Last Roadmap Friday on a Monday

Autoschedule is done! I have a button or two (task cat delete). I want to a) kill remaining bugs b) improve performance before sending out b6 today or tomorrow.

I intend to have 1.01 ready to start selling by 5 pm Friday, California Time.

Keep an eye on your inbox and spam filter for the B6 info.

November 22, 2004

Roadmap Friday on a Monday (#3)

I’m down to the final set of bugs from Beta 5 and the last remaining feature: Auto Scheduling. I hope to finish both of these during this (shortened) week and release before Tuesday, Nov. 30th.

But, I want to make sure this is the final beta before we release and start selling MasterList Professional, so when I think I’ve gotten the last bug done, I still want to take two full days and make sure.

I really appreciate the dedication and support you – my beta testers – have given me. Your suggestions, feedback and bug reports have really helped me make MasterList Professional what I wanted to create: a tool for successful task management.

November 01, 2004

Roadmap Friday on a Monday (#2)

I’m still working through the list of bugs from Beta 5. In two instances – checklists and printing – I’ve decided the best way to go is rewrite the entire function rather than patch what is not working out.

The good news is that Checklists is now done and Printing is nearly there. Printing now is much more “Windows-like”, with print settings being saved within and for each view. Also, by dumping Internet Explorer as a print engine, I’m able to get a much better printout, with running column heads.

My plan for now is get Beta 6 done and out by Friday. Look for it then!


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